Wystawa dr hab. Borisa Schwencke: Vulnerability – An Artist’s Perspective

Opublikowano 26 marca 2021

W ramach konferencji ‘Real, Imagined, and Displayed Fragility: Vulnerable Positions and Positioning in Society’  dostępna jest internetowa wystawa prac dr hab. Borisa Schwencke –  prowadzącego Pracownię Rzeźby i Działań Przestrzennych na naszym Wydziale. 

strona wystawy: http://vulnerability2020.uw.edu.pl/events/


Fragility, shyness, delicacy, uncertainty, and a trembling voice usually leave a mark more pronounced than self-confidence. They are not only touching – they could be the core of the philosophical program: uncertainty would be the starting point, doubt the foundation, imperfection the concept and reflection of life. – Boris Schwencke

The aim of this contribution is to give an introduction to the virtual exhibition of sculptures, paintings and sketches with the title “About vulnerability and fragility” that accompanies the conference. Sculptors are usually not great speakers and the visual arts should speak primarily through images and visual elements, but nevertheless, in addition to viewing images, in this part the meaning of vulnerability and fragility in the fine arts should be considered as well as their connection with the always current problem of beauty.

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